Cybergrind, Noise and Goregrind Labels

Global Spermageddon Productions – A pornogrind label that focuses on limited collector releases. True underground and the best porngrind label we know.

Rotten Roll Rex – A very popular label from Germany. Top productions and a very large range of vinyl, shirts, CD’s. Satisfied customers worldwide.

Brutal Mind – Brutal Mind from Indonesia is a label founded in 2009 that has a name worldwide. They produce the best merchandise in the scene!

Injecting Krokodil Into A Dead Dog Productions – Founded in 2020, the label offers pornogore, cybergore, brutal death and goregrind, noise releases from underground acts.

Surrogate Rec. – Ukrainian goregrind underground DIY label. Founded in 2015.

Necrosoft Records – Russian DIY Gore/Grind/Noise Label.

Rotten Foetus Records – Brazilian label dedicated to extreme, brutal and bloodthirsty music since 2000.

Goatgrind Records – Death/Grind/Gore since 2005.

Clostridium Difficile Recordings – Austrian Netlabel

Acid Redux Productions – Extreme Label & Distributor Est. 2009

Inhuman Homicide Records – Grindcore goregrind label from France since 2002

Xhumer Records & Distro – Colombian Extreme Label

Gurgling Gore – Underground record label dedicated to releasing death metal on dead formats

Goregrind Band Links
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Porngrind Bands

Latest Anti MuSick Band Links

Descab – Deathgrind

Commando FxUxCxKx – Porngrind

Clitoris Amputator – Porngrind

Humanity’s Fault – Goregrind

Stillborn Granny – Cybergrind

Larval Therapy – Goregrind

Ulceropulcopronecrobiovulpectomy – Cybergrind

First Days Of Humanity – Goregrind

Saibaeijareipu – Cybergrind

Feraliminal Lycanthropizer – Goregrind

Pussycity Pimps – Porngrind

Pigto – Porngrind

Trikomoniasis Fournier – Porngrind

Porno Kult – Porngrind

Cemetery Rapist – Goregrind

Pornoise – Porngrind

Carnal Diafragma – Goregrind

Rectal Wench – Porngrind

Septicopyemia – Porngrind

Hematoputrefaction Sexologicunt – Cybergrind

Samenmaul – Noisegrind

Human Shit Lover And Earwax – Goregrind

X’s Xenial Xanthippes Xenophobia – Cybernoisegrind 

Crocodile – Swamp Grind

DxHxNx – Horror Goregrind

S​e​men Sh​i​tting Rectal Whores – Porngrind

Transorbital Piss Orgy – Porngrind

Vaginal Cadaver – Porngrind

World Hate Center – Cybergrind

Orgasma Plasma – Noisegrind

Anal Fistfuckers – Porngrind

Phyllomedusa – Gorenoise

Abdominal Decomposure – Cybergrind

P3D1TVM – Porngrind

Suicide Maiden – Goregrind

Zoebeast – Goregrind

VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC – Porngrind

Teen Pussy Fuckers – Porngrind

Satan’s Revenge On Mankind – Goregrind

Rectal Smegma – Porngrind

Plasma – Goregrind

Enjoy My Bitch – Porngrind

Urtikaria Anal – Porngrind

Spasm – Porngrind

Enema Jizz – Cybergrind

Reptilian Orgy – Porngrind

Anal Ulcer – Porngrind

Gut Explosion – Porngrind

C9H9N – Goregrind

Fatuous Rump – Slamming Brutal Death Metal

Sausage Wallet – Porngrind

The Creatures From The Tomb – Goregrind

Dementia Fight Club – Goregrind

Positive Vaginal Vibration – Goregrind

Analkholic – Goregrind

P.R.O.S.T.I.T.U.T.A. – Porngrind

Vaginosis Bacteriana – Porngrind

S​e​men Shi​tting Rectal Whores – Porngrind

Pustule – Porngrind

Nunwhore Commando 666 – Cybergrind

Cemetery Rapist – Porngrind

Funeral Rape – Porngrind

Cuntgrinder – Porngrind

Oxidised Razor – Goregrind

Inopexia – Goregrind

Porno Fart – Porngrind

Fecalized Rectal Sperm Spewage – Porngrind

Spermswamp – Porngrind

Libido Airbag – Cybergrind

Amphibian – Cybergrind

Shih Tzu – Grind ‘n Roll

Gorepot – Deathgrind

Lesbian Tribbing Squirt – Porngrind

Kawaii – Porngrind

Fake Meat – Goregrind

Heinous – Goregrind

Methadone Abortion Clinic – Goregrind

Jig-Ai – Goregrind

Gutalax – Porngrind

GuineaPig – Goregrind

Gerber – Goregrind

2 Minuta Dreka – Porngrind

S.C.A.T. – Porngrind

C.A.R.N.E. – Porngrind

PornTheGore – Porngrind

Gonorrhea Pussy – Porngrind

Porky Vagina – Porngrind

Biological Monstrosity – Goregrind

Fecal Aborted – Goregrind

Trachoma – Goregrind

Clitoris – Cybergrind

Torture Pig – Goregrind

Lipoma – Goregrind

Fetophagia – Goregrind

Cock Pit – Porngrind

Miasmatic Necrosis – Goregrind

Rosetta Twist – Porngrind

Pothead – Goregrind

Magistral Flatulences – Porngrind

Swamp Nuts – Porngrind

Anal Prolapse – Porngrind

Killer Klown – Goregrind

Muerte Por Implosion – Porngrind

Bizarre Ejaculation – Porngrind

Ultimo Mondo Cannibale – Porngrind

Penis Amputator – Porngrind

Testicular Cancer – Porngrind

Bowelfuck – Grindcore

Pornocaust – Porngrind

Last Days Of Humanity – Goregrind

PulmonaryFibrosis – Goregrind

Commando Fuck – Goregrind

Cum Book – Porngrind

Organ Failure – Goregrind

Bruce X Campbell – Noisecore

Gonorrea – Porngrind

5 Stabbed 4 Corpses – Goregrind

Alien Fucker – Porngrind

Anal Grind – Porngrind

Cerebral Enema – Porngrind

Cock and Ball Torture – Porngrind

RazorRape – Goregrind

Deep Throat – Porngrind

Serrabulho – Goregrind

Holy Cost – Porngrind

Sperm Of Mankind – Porngrind

GUT – Porngrind

Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation – Porngrind

Stoma – Porngrind

Vaginotopsy – Porngrind

Rompeprop – Porngrind

S.M.E.S. – Cybergrind

About us

Welcome to “Gods of Grind” – your crucial hub for the underground uproars of Porngrind, Goregrind, Grindcore, Nosegrind, and Cybergrind. Launched in 2021 by Global Spermageddon Productions, our mission is to cement the scattered and vibrant essence of extreme musick aficionados.

In an era where solo projects proliferate and digital self-releases become the norm, the distinctive, primitive noise we cherish risks being drowned out. Particularly for Porngrind artists, the journey to connect with new fans is fraught with challenges. These DYS (Do-Yourself) productions are not just music; they’re labors of love, embodying the unrefined, raw essence of our beloved cacophony. Yet, without the promotional muscle of labels, many of these passionate endeavors remain undiscovered, obscured by the sheer volume of content online. “Gods of Grind” seeks to shine a light on these works, offering a platform for those bold enough to venture beyond the mainstream’s confines.

For Bands and Artists:
Navigating the landscape of extreme musick, especially within the Porngrind scene, can feel like an uphill battle. The raw, unadulterated sounds you create, borne of sheer passion and DIY ethos, deserve to be heard. “Gods of Grind” isn’t just a directory; it’s your stage, free from the constraints of mainstream acceptance. We invite you to submit your links, from Bandcamp to SoundCloud or any personal corner of the web you’ve claimed as your own. Got a video that captures the essence of your sound? Send it over for a chance to be featured on the Gods of Grind YouTube channel. This is where your unique voice finds an audience eager for the unpolished gems of the underground.

For Fans:
Embark on a journey through our carefully curated list and explore the titans of grind. From the legends to the underdogs, “Gods of Grind” offers a panoramic view of the scene’s most raw and passionate acts. Whether you’re drawn to the visceral intensity of Porngrind or the electronic distortions of Cybergrind, our directory is your gateway to the uncharted territories of your next sonic obsession.

Join us in building a tight-knit community where artists support one another and fans discover their new favorite noise. “Gods of Grind” is more than a directory; it’s a call to arms for a united front in the celebration of extreme musick.

Submit your links, share your videos, and let’s elevate the underground scene together. Welcome to the family. Welcome to “Gods of Grind.”

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